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Are you in need of a durable, slip-resistant, waterproof pool deck that is also low maintenance and attractive? We have spray-deck textured overlays that make any pool in New Braunfels go from dull to magnificent. At ATX Concrete Coatings & X-Treme Exteriors, we specialize in professional concrete installation, using only the best materials for all our projects.

A great pool deck coating should include durability, aesthetic beauty, safety, and ease of cleaning/maintenance. To achieve this, it is necessary to work with expert contractors who can bring to life what you envisioned for your pool deck.

New vs. Old Pool Deck Coating

Whether you are installing a new pool deck or upgrading the look of an existing one, there are a lot of options available. The pool deck coating you choose will mainly depend on your unique needs. This is why we work independently with each client to ensure their goals are met. For new pool decks, we recommend the spray-deck textured overlays. This concrete flooring option comes with a lot of benefits. The two major benefits are:

  • Safety

    Spray-deck pool coating results in a textured non-slip surface that is ideal for pool decks. Whether home or commercial, pool decks should meet a minimum safety standard that includes a slip-resistant surface to prevent accidents. It is also resistant to mold and mildew growth.

  • Durability

    We install the most durable pool deck coatings on the market today. Spray-Deck lasts a minimum of 10 years, much longer when well maintained. When handled by experts, your pool deck can withstand just about anything coming its way including chemicals, cleaning agents and abrasion.

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For old pool decks, resurfacing older concrete is often the most cost-effective option. Ripping an existing deck apart for new installation can be very expensive and may also interfere with the existing drainage supply system. With pool deck resurfacing, we add a fresh layer of concrete to fill in old cracks and damage then employ various techniques including polishing, stamping and staining to improve both quality and functionality.

Why Choose Us?

We provide consultations to help you choose the right pool coating to suit your needs. With a variety of color palettes, textures and products available, it's hard to know the right coatings and techniques for your pool.

At ATX Concrete Coatings & X-Treme Exteriors, our goal is to install pool decks your family can enjoy for decades to come. We can help you install the best deck for your pool area without breaking the bank. Our decks will significantly reduce the cleaning and maintenance work required. They are also compliant with all the regulations and suitable for both residential and commercial applications.


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ATX Concrete Coatings & X-treme Exteriors has been installing residential and commercial concrete flooring solutions for 18 years. We're local experts, ready to help with your next project


Increased Durability

Spray Decks and concrete resurfacing will increase the lifespan of your pool deck. Our products are waterproof, protecting the porous concrete that makes your pool surround. Resurfaced concrete and Spray Decks last at least 10 years. We can help you install new concrete overlays are resistant to daily wear and tear, mold attacks, tire burns and other damaging elements.

Increased Value

Pool Coatings and resurfaced patios will increase the value of your property whether installed in commercial outlets or residential homes. Resurfacing will cover up cracks, worn our parts and imperfections, increase durability as well as aesthetic appeal. Spray Decks protect your investment, ensuring your family has a safe, reliable pool deck for years to come

Style and Personalization

Our team specializes in stamping, staining, overlays and spray decks that come in a variety of textures, finishes, colors, patterns, and surfaces all which can be customized to meet personal style and needs. We can easily transform your concrete patio and pool surround and establish any dynamics you want.

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Whether you need pool deck resurfacing to renew the look of a tarnished worn out patio or are simply installing a new deck, ATX Concrete Coatings & X-Treme Exteriors will guide you through all the steps involved. Call us today for more information about pool deck coating and resurfacing options. We also offer other concrete services including stamping, staining, surface resurfacing and polishing.

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