Concrete polishing has a profound effect on the final quality of any concrete surface. We use diamond pads to polish concrete to a perfect shine, then add densifiers to the concrete to resist scratches, stains and abrasions. We have a variety of finishes and shine levels to meet your needs, from matte or high-gloss or aggregate finishes.

At ATX Concrete Coatings & X-treme Exteriors, we are professionally install polished concrete New Braunfels residents can all feel proud to own in their homes, offices or retail outlets.


We understand that concrete polishing can be time consuming especially if you want to turn the coarse finish of cement binders into reflective glossiness. It generally involves using diamond grits and other special tools to sand and grind away blemishes from your rough-textured finish until it becomes smooth. Densifiers and sealers are also used to prevent damages and harden the surface. There can install many different types of polished concrete which range in gloss or shine and aesthetic textures.

Choose Your Style

cream polished concrete new braunfels


For cream polished concrete surfaces, the diamond grit used results in a level of sheen between mate and glossy. Cream polished floors use standard concrete slabs to create a uniform surface that appears smooth and solid. Easy to clean and maintain, cream polish is great for businesses and homes alike. Cream polish can be easily stained or colored for more personalized effects.



Cream polished concrete may have the smoothest sheen and consistency. However, it is the salt & pepper polish that most people install in both commercial retail outlets and residential. Salt & pepper is not quite as hard or time-consuming as cream as it requires less hours of the grit. You can also stain or color the concrete once you are done polishing. Just like cream, this polish is smooth although small cracks may be visible depending on your slab.

Aggregate Polished Concrete


Aggregate is the third polished concrete New Braunfels residents can install and while it is a bit more rare, it still has a unique place in the market. Aggregate polishing requires expert concrete contractors and is the hardest to achieve. We lay a top level of aggregate over your slab, then smooth the aggregate for unique patterns. This makes aggregate polishing more expensive which explains why this is mostly used for commercial spaces.

Choose Your Gloss

stain polished concrete


Matte finishes have the least amount of shine. Less reflective, the matte finish has a more earthy effect. The finish is smooth, but does not have the mirrored shine of other options.

semi-gloss concrete


Semi-gloss finishes have medium shine and reflection. These floors will gleam with natural light, but do not have the mirror reflection of high gloss or the understated tones of matte finishes.

high gloss shine


High Gloss polished concrete creates a mirror-like shine often seen in commercial spaces. This is the most reflective polishing option and takes the most time.


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Easy Maintenance

Concrete floors are low maintenance. Easy to clean and care for.

Modern Design

Popular in homes and businesses alike, polished concrete comes in a variety of patterns and colors.


Polished concrete is a great option for retail, offices, grocery stores and homes.


Polished concrete is cheaper than carpet, tile or hardwood floors when comparing the lifetime maintenance & cost.


Concrete floors already have several benefits over other alternatives, from low maintenance to customization and its long life. By polishing concrete, we add various characteristics and properties that will both improve functionality and aesthetic appeal. 

Smooth polished concrete is generally low cost to install and does not require much cleaning afterwards. When handled by experts, polished concrete floors can be installed in just about any indoor space. They can also be improved through adding texture, staining and engravings. ATX Concrete Coatings & X-treme Exteriors can help you with any inquiries and questions about polished concrete including residential, industrial and commercial options.

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